3 Month Personalized Hair Growth Routine


Three months of a personalized hair growth routine that will specifically fit the needs of your hair type, porosity type, and current length.

-How does it work? We'll send you a questionnaire that will help give us a better understanding of YOUR hair. You tell us what hair problems you are struggling with and we'll help fix them by offering a three month routine of what products to use, treatments to do, and when to do them. 

-Please send back the completed questionnaire as well as pictures of your hair to the provided email. 

-Maryam will Thoroughly look over the completed questionnaire and send you your full 3 month routine within 2 business days! 

Upon completion of the three months, you should see a huge improvement in the overall health of your hair. 


Refunds & Exchanges

There are no refunds of exchanges for digital products.

more reviews & testimonies can be found on our instagram @mhhairgrowth

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