My name is Maryam Hampton and in April of 2019 I launched the Maryam Hampton Hair Growth Oil also known as MHHairGrowth. MHHairGrowth focuses on natural hair growth and products that will help to grow strong and healthy natural hair. Having natural hair my entire life, growing up I was told many times that it was not beautiful. It was too puffy and it always seemed too hard to manage. I would often straighten my hair to assimilate to what others thought would be presentable or desirable hair. As a teenager, I began to straighten my hair every day. Which led to extreme damage. My hair was weak, brittle, and stringy. My once beautiful kinky curls turned into damage lifeless hair. In college, I began my youtube channel where I started to embrace my natural hair and repair it from the damage. I began doing DIY (do it yourself) treatments and in a few years my hair flourished! My youtube channel was helpful because I was able to not only help myself but help others. My hair was healthy and I wanted to help others grow long healthy hair as well. With the vision of helping others realize their hair’s full potential- that birthed "The Maryam Hampton Hair Growth Oil." An mixture of twelve of the most potent all natural oils that are proven to help growth healthy hair. With the expansion of my product line and resources such as Ebooks that I have written that guides in establishing a healthy hair growth journey - I am able to help both women and men not only grow their hair but love their hair.