In April of 2018 Maryam Hampton Hair Growth Oil was launched in a collaboration deal. By 2019 the company that helped launched MHHairGrowth Oil went out of business. Our Founder and CEO Maryam Hampton decided to venture off and start her own business "Maryam Hampton Hair Care" and bring the original Maryam Hampton Hair Growth Oil back!

By April of 2019 Maryam had expanded her hair care line incorporating natural ingredients she has used for years on her youtube channel. Maryam Hampton Hair Care focuses on natural hair growth and products that will help to grow strong and healthy natural hair.

Maryam, grew up on the southside of Chicago. Having natural hair her entire life she grew up being told many times that it was not beautiful. It was too puffy and it always seemed too hard to manage. She would often straighten her hair to assimilate to what others thought would be presentable or desirable hair. As a teenager, she began to straighten her hair every day. Which led to extreme damage. Her hair was weak, brittle, and stringy. Her once beautiful kinky curls turned into damage lifeless hair.

In college, She began her youtube channel where she started to embrace her natural hair and repair it from the damage. She began doing DIY (do it yourself) treatments and in a few years her hair flourished! Her youtube channel has helped over 37 million people reach their hair growth potential. With the expansion of her product line and resources such as Ebooks, routines, and personal consultations Maryam is now able to help both women and men not only grow their hair but love their hair.