3 Month Personalized Hair Growth Routine


Three months of a personalized hair growth routine that will specifically fit the needs of your hair type, porosity type, and current length.

-How does it work? We'll send you a questionnaire that will help give us a better understanding of YOUR hair. You tell us what hair problems you are struggling with and we'll help fix them by offering a three month routine of what products to use, treatments to do, and when to do them. 

-Please send back the completed questionnaire as well as pictures of your hair to the provided email. 

-Maryam will Thoroughly look over the completed questionnaire and send you your full 3 month routine within 2 business days! 

Upon completion of the three months, you should see a huge improvement in the overall health of your hair. 


Refunds & Exchanges

There are no refunds of exchanges for digital products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

So I haven’t started the routine yet but it is very well planned and detail. Not to mention it tells you how to maintain your hair, what products to use, how to keep healthy hair growing strong and beautiful and not to mention it’s all step by step. I just haven’t started it yet because I’m waiting for the rice water bundle and the shampoo bar to become back in stock.

Nina S.

I am coming up on a month on my personalized growth plan. I am noticing a different in my hair. It was like my hair was starving.

Nina Summers
Review 3 Month Personalized Hair Growth

I am starting my second week of the first month, so far its going well. My hair seems more resilient and I noticed less shredding. I am excited and looking forward to the next couple of months. I will be be glad to provide an update after the 3 months . Thanks so much

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